What is TC-interimCA?

TC-interimCA is a public Certificate Authority (CA) that issues affordable certificates. The service is provided by WPIA (World Privacy and Identity Association).

One goal of WPIA is to promote awareness and education on computer security through the use of encryption technologies, in particular by providing cryptographic certificates.

Client certificates can be used to digitally sign and encrypt both emails and documents. Furthermore client certificates can authenticate and authorize users connecting to websites and applications without the need of a password.On the other hand, server certificates can be used to establish secure internet connections with the Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS).

In addition to signing certificates, TC-interimCA provides a service to verify your digital identity to assure that data signed with your certificate is related to your person.

If you are interested - join TC-interimCA as fellow for free and get your own certificates.

For general documentation and help, please visit the TC-interimCA knowledge base. For specific policies, see the TC-interimCA Policies page.

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